Dr. Alexander Rossitch is a Pankey - trained dentist

The Pankey institute is a world's premier postgraduate dental educational facility.

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You are NOT GOING TO SEE stock photos or pictures of people who were never patients of Dr. Rossitch on this website!

There are many ways to attract patients to a dental office using today's modern marketing strategies. We decided to do it differently! There are no pictures of the facility or the reception room. There is no massage, hot towels or spa available at our office. Our way to show you why you should choose our office is very simple; We provide the best dentistry a patient can have! 

 All the clinical photographs on this website are accurate displays of dental treatments completed in our office. All the smiling faces you see on this website are actual patients of Dr. Alex Rossitch. 

Dr. Rossitch will provide you with a functional smile, and his attention to detail will make your smile look as natural as it can be!  

Visit our Before and After photo gallery, read testimonials, and then call our office for an appointment!


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A diagnostic wax-up is an extra step in the process to help the patient visualize what their new smile is going to look like.

View and touch a three dimensional wax model of your newly designed teeth, before the treatment begins
Once we have identified any dental problems or patient desires for a better looking smile, it is time to visualize your new smile.  
At the dental office of Dr. Alex Rossitch, we do a diagnostic wax-up.

 dentist charlotte   

Impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth and a lab technician will perfect the shape and position of the teeth in wax.  Gum levels are raised or lowered, spaces closed and any modifications done depending you what you need.

dental diagnostic casts

A diagnostic wax-up is a valuable tool for any smile makeover because they give you an accurate preview on how your case will look like before we begin.  Once the treatment plan has been accepted we will use this wax-up to guide us in the preparation of your teeth and the fabrication of your temporary teeth.


charlotte dentistry

The temporaries then become a good test run to determine how it actually looks like in your mouth and provide us with a lot of information that will help us design your new, beautiful crowns or veneers.

It is important to note that a beautiful looking smile is not enough.  We pay particular attention to the functional aspects of the bite.  This will minimize any future problems with breaking or chipping of the new teeth.